Dr. N Rajan Babu

An experienced Professor with over 32 years of experience in providing the vision and leadership required to ensure a high quality of education at under graduate level.

  • Having a proven track record of successfully managing resources and staff to improve educational services including various supervisory roles in works related to accreditation by the National Boards; instruction and evaluation of students, classroom methodology and practices.

  • Assisted in the development, evaluation and modification of Instrumentation & Control Engineering program.

  • Assisted in student admission process, Coordinated the Group tutors/ faculty advisors for providing students with individual assistance, Handled student issues, Coordinated and participated in the recruitment and selection of adhoc faculty.

  • Exposed to various training programmes on on Fuzzy Mathematics and its applications, Industrial Pollution Control, Environmental Issues in Technical Education, Transputers and Occam, Advanced Mathematics for Electrical Engineering, Advanced Microprocessor Technology, Robust Control, Fibre optic Communication, Design, Installation and Maintenance Aspects of Instrumentation in Process Industries, Digital Control Systems, Computers: State-of-the-Art and applications, Microcomputer based Process Instrumentation

Tel: +914912552462

Mobile: +919495228319

Email: nrajanbabu@gmail.com


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