Key Highlights

125 Registrations and close to 200 participants
Participation from 50 technical institutions across the state
Proposals received from 15 different domains like Healthcare, Retail, Waste management, Fintech, EdTech, Agriculture, Robotics

35 detailed proposals made the shortlist from which 5 winners were chosen

We received 125 registrations from more than 50 institutions. Out of this, close to 50 teams submitted detailed proposals of which 18 were shortlisted

The Panelist have chosen the following 5 teams as winners of IGNITE 2021 . Panelists have also observed that none of the projects are in a stage to startup, but has the potential, to become one with necessary work.

Vo.A (Voice amplifier for masks/visors)

Vo.A is a device that weighs only 32 grams and fits comfortably onto almost all kinds of masks.


Providing vendors with extra income by granting marketers access to underutilized space on street carts for business advertising.

E-STOVE ‘The Next Generation Smart Stove'

An innovative version of Cooking gas stove, which is able to communicate with the user

Pineapple Sapling Winding Machine

The Sapling Winding Machine will help to hold together the bundle even by female workers. It makes bundles more compact thereby making transportation easier and economical.

ASPROBOT - Autonomous Robotic Nurse

This robot can strengthen the health sector in facing epidemics and outbreaks

IGNITE 2021 Award Function