After actively involving in many socially relevant projects for the past 14 years, Darsana is launching a new program called IGNITE, aimed at being the springboard for budding technologists and entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to make our innovation platform available to students and technologists on an ongoing manner to experiment, create, revise and evolve along with our panel of technical experts and mentors

IGNITE 2021 Competition

We kickstart IGNITE program with IGNITE - 2021 Competition on O2 Jan 2021

IGNITE 2021 Innovation Challenge

IGNITE 2021 – Important Dates

Registration Closes on  23 Jan 2021

Last date for Submission 06 Feb 2021

Shortlisting of Proposals  11 Feb 2021

Final review 26, 27, and 28 Feb 2021

Announcement of winners 04 March 2021

IGNITE 2021 – Eligibility Criteria

Participation in IGNITE 2021 is free and is open for the following people

All students pursuing diploma, graduate & postgraduate degrees with engineering or polytechnic colleges in Kerala.

All students who have completed their course in academic year 2020 from Kerala.

Darsana members and their family globally.

IGNITE 2021 – Selection Criteria

Social relevance

Positive impact on ecology and environment

Potential for Quality employment generation


Business potential

Go through


or write to us

You are invited to attend the AWARDS function
on 24th April 2021, 4.00 pm
here https://youtube.com/c/DarsanaSociety

We received 125 registrations from more than 50 institutions. Out of this, close to 50 teams submitted detailed proposals of which 18 were shortlisted

The Panelist have chosen the following 5 teams as winners of IGNITE 2021 . Panelists have also observed that none of the projects are in a stage to startup, but has the potential, to become one with necessary work.

IGNITE 2021 Award Function