Resources that will help you prepare for IGNITE 2021

The following are some resources we feel will help you prepare quality proposals.
We will be updating this page regularly based on the queries and support sought by you.

Wishing you success on IGNITE 2021 Innovation Challenge

Templates to help prepare submissions
Use the following templates to prepare submissions

Download Proposal Template

Download Team Members Template

Please note that what we evaluate is not the greatness of the presentation, but the clarity of communication (short, crisp and clear)
Your video is the pitch for your proposal/solution.

It should show (not necessarily in the same order)
1. Why?
2. How?
3. Highlights
4. Feasibility
5. Impact of the solution
6. Gist of MVP/prototype (if relevant to your project)

Sample Video
Here are few examples to help you understand how video can be used to communicate your proposal.
You are free to do it in your own way that fits your project.

Tyre collective

The following links are of the same proposal presented in different ways

Other Examples

Fresh water Free fabrics

Aura Water Pipe

Recommended tools for preparing video and documents

1. Image compression and conversion: Squoosh
2. Video editing and mixing: Kdenlive
3. Document, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Drawing: LibreOffice
4. Audio editing, mixing: Audacity
5. Video recording and live streaming: OBS Studio