IGNITE 2022, Last Date for Submission of Proposal is 20th February 2022

About the Program

IGNITE Program was started in 2020 by Darsana, www.darsana.in, a charitable organisation of global diaspora of engineers with varied expertise and experience. Along with sharing a common academic lineage as alumni of the N.S.S. College of Engineering, Palakkad, we also share the vision of an equitable society and are striving to achieve it through our programs. One of our objectives is to act as an eco-system for nurturing innovation and promote startups in Kerala, thereby driving socially relevant ventures and social enterprises.

Key objectives of IGNITE include

  • Conducting innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and challenges aimed at the student community to inculcate a culture of inquiry and seed thoughts on social enterprises.
  • Conduct events focussed on rural innovation, to identify innovations made by practitioners through their experience. Help improve the existing models, recognise such inventions, and popularise it.
  • Be a platform for knowledge sharing through training and workshops. Knowledge sharing, knowledge curation becomes an important function of the platform which create and maintain an environment for achieving all the goals of Ignite.
  • Allow use of our platform to store, showcase and popularise social enterprises and rural inventions.
  • Provide opportunity to on board projects with social goals such as promoting Open-source or open engineering and design.

IGNITE Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge is an annual program aimed at the student community to inculcate a culture of inquiry and seed thoughts on social enterprises.

Program runs over 4 to 5 months during which all registered teams are provided guidance and inputs to build a good solution. The proposals go through detailed 3 stage evaluation by a set of distinguished panellists who have diverse experience and background like academicians, business owners and technologists.

The first such event was IGNITE 2021, which was started in December 2020 and closed with an awards ceremony in April 2021.

Press Release

Key Highlights

125 Registrations and close to 200 participants
Participation from 50 technical institutions across the state
Proposals received from 15 different domains like Healthcare, Retail, Waste management, Fintech, EdTech, Agriculture, Robotics

35 detailed proposals made the shortlist from which 5 winners were chosen


Our Partners

University Partner

Knowledge Partner

Themes of the Contest

Competition for 2022 will be focussed on the following 3

Accessibility and Inclusion is an important aspect for the wellbeing of a society. Physical and mental abilities vary based on various factors like age, gender, disabilities and differently ableness. However, most of the services, utility or leisure avenues are built without this sensitivity. Can we address or remedy this using small, incremental, or disruptive ideas?

Population in focus – Disabled / differently abled / aged / young; Marginalised (gender, class, social)

Possible utilities or services – Learning (digital, physical); Hygiene and healthcare; Govt services; Public place and leisure

Theme 1
Accessibility and Inclusion

Theme 2
Rural Well-being

Technology is agnostic to geography, so we refrain from using terms like Rural Technology.

In this theme, we are expecting innovative ideas or projects that can improve living condition or livelihood of rural population or aid in improving village economics and eco systems. The focus of such innovations is being frugal, sustainable and using appropriate technologies.

Possible focus areas could be – Agriculture (productivity, storage, tools etc), Supporting local occupations (Crafts, arts etc), Improving connectivity (physical and digital)

Theme 3
Micro enterprises

94% of our workforce is from the Unorganised sector. These are very small enterprises owned and run by few people. Due to constraints on investment, they usually do not have access to the standard tools of professionally running an enterprise like governance, quality assurance, supply chain, automation, accounting, productivity management etc.

Who All Can Participate?

Inviting solution proposals from students in all streams…

All students in diploma, graduate, post graduate, professional and research streams from any of the institutes or universities in Kerala.

All students who have completed their graduate, post graduate, professional and research programs after 2020 from any of the institutes or universities in Kerala.

Why Should You Participate?

Mentoring by Technology and business experts

Attractive cash awards and certificates

Workshops and knowledge sharing sessions for all participants

Opportunity to get ongoing support for maturing your proposal in to an enterprise