Wheelchair - Accessible Dental chair

PMS College of Dental Science and Research, Venkode, Thiruvananthapuram

Team leader: Shradha Anil Kuzhivilayil
Team Member: Suhana Rahman P A
Guide: Dr. Neethu Suresh, Dr. Adersh GA

Wheelchair users often encounter significant challenges when attempting to position themselves in conventional dental chairs. Additionally, dentists and dental assistants face numerous obstacles while providing care to wheelchair-bound patients, including inadequate lighting, a lack of spittoons, suction devices, and inbuilt instruments that may be out of reach for effective treatment.

To address these concerns, the team has developed an innovative dental chair specifically designed to accommodate wheelchair users without requiring them to transfer from their wheelchairs. This wheelchair-accessible dental chair features an integrated armamentarium, enabling oral healthcare providers to seamlessly administer all necessary treatments while patients remain comfortably seated in their wheelchairs. The ergonomic design ensures that oral healthcare providers have effortless access to all essential equipment, facilitating efficient and effective treatment delivery for wheelchair users. Furthermore, wheelchair users can independently access the chair, eliminating the need for assistance and promoting a sense of autonomy during dental visits.