Convertible Wheel Chair Cum Bed

NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad

Team leader: Ajay A
Team Members: Adithya S, Aswin R Nath, Dhananjay PS, Afrad Hussian
Guide: Dr. Vinod V

The proposed project envisions the creation of an affordable and electronically controlled convertible wheelchair bed. This innovative device will incorporate user-friendly features such as joystick and button control, an automatic brake mechanism, and support to prevent toppling, ensuring safety and ease of use for patients and individuals with mobility impairments. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and materials, the project aims to develop a cost-effective and durable solution that will positively impact millions of people in India, particularly those with financial constraints. In addition to its societal and environmental benefits, the project holds the potential to generate employment opportunities. A comprehensive SWOT analysis conducted for the project indicates its strong potential for success and sustained growth.